Interactive Globes will allow you to create as many globes as you want to use on your WordPress website.

Create your first globe in minutes! Use it to highligh locations, offices, projects, representatives, statistics, or other interactive marker visualization you need!

  • Create as many globes as you want
  • Responsive and cross-device
  • Add round coloured markers or labels
  • Set hover color change
  • Set click actions, like open a new window
  • Choose from different globe styles
  • Display HTML tooltips on hover
  • And more features to come…


3D Cylinder Point Markers 

You can set the height and radius of the markers, choose a color, add a tooltip and a click action.

Text Labels With Dots

You can add text labels that display together with a dot, select the dot size, add a tooltip and set a click action.

More features soon…